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Highlights of Rules and Regulations for RV Guests 

Age Restriction:  Rosewood is an active senior community. At least one person must be 55 years of age or older, and all other occupants must be at least 40 years of age.  
Guest recreational vehicles must be in good condition overall and no older than 10 years. 

Rent:  All rent is due the first (1st) of each month.
We prefer electronic payments, but also accept checks, money orders, or credit cards (subject to a surcharge).  No cash.   
A late fee will be applied the sixth (6th) of the month and there is a charge for any returned check.   

Resident Rules:  Parking is not permitted on the patio of your space.
No street parking in front of your space (loading & unloading only).
Parking is not permitted on any part of a vacant space.
No vehicle repair work or storage of inoperative vehicles at your space.
Placement of satellite antennas must be approved by park management.
Do not hang wet clothes or towels outside.  Clothes lines are available at two locations in the park. 

Swimming Pool:  No lifeguard on duty!  Swim at your own risk.
Residents must remain in the pool area at all times if they have a guest.
Please shower before entering the pool.  
No pets in the pool area. 

Pet Policies:  Maximum of 2 dogs/cats (subject to park approval) per RV space.
All animals must comply with local inoculation requirements.
When outside, all dogs must be on a short leash, no exceptions.
Cats must remain indoors at all times unless on a leash.
Please feed only your own animals and do not leave food outside.
Owners are responsible for picking up their pet's waste.
Bags are located in each common area.   Please use them!
Pets are not allowed in any park facility, including laundry rooms. 

Guests:  A guest of a resident staying in the park for twenty (20) days or more must register with park management.  Guests must be accompanied by a responsible resident at all times when using any of the park facilities. 

Appearance:  No additions to your space or RV without park management consent.
This includes fencing, solar panels, pop up tents, storage facilities, windmills, fountains, or other items.  The number, size, type, and placement of plants is subject to management discretion.  All plants must be well-maintained and kept in pots (only).  
Please consult park management before purchase of any item that
you intend to display outside of your RV.